Security Risk Management

Security risk management is a systematic and technical process adopted by an investment to secure assets through the identification and analysis of risks and threats, valuation of assets and producing better solutions for the survival and growth of the investment.

Security Risk Management: Myth, Philosophy or Reality $4.85 (#1540)

In our 2013 and 2014 annual report, we propounded how man can use computer to solve problems. This year’s major article in our annual report is centered on the true and ideal meaning of security, how assets can be secured and analyzed. “Assets are the valuable resources owned by an individual, a group of individuals, establishment, investment, company or government; it can be used to determine the worth of the individual or investment”. Assets are tangible or intangible, fixed or current or fictitious as the case may be. “Security on the other hand is a control mechanism for assets with a view to stem the tides between risks and threats and the undermining philosophy of collateral”. This report is going to define security risk management, present an overview of security management, analyze risk management, design a security risk management chart and analyze the chart’s components; the report will also provide an appendix to define key terms in the study of security risk management.

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