CCTV Camera


Camera was invented by a German scientist Karl Ferdinand Braun in 1897. CCTV camera is an acronym for Closed- Circuit Television. Considering the nature of crime that is been committed in our society today, the success of criminal syndicates is as a result of inadequate intelligence and surveillance to monitor criminal activities and criminal hideouts. Hence the necessity of a Closed- Circuit Television to monitor and record the activities of people thereby providing information and intelligence. CCTV camera has by all means contributed immensely to the detection and prevention of crime in our modern world which is characterized by sophisticated and organized crime. The presence of CCTV camera in the environment will not only bug criminals but will provide useful information and evidence to security agents and professional confidential informants which will eventually be used to minimize crime in the society.

Importance of CCTV Camera

1. It is a surveillance equipment.

2. It aids security operation.

3. It records all the events and happenings in the area where it is installed.

4. It drives away criminals.

5. It can be used to minimize crime in the society.

6. It is universalistic in nature which means it can be used in every environment.

Components of CCTV Camera

The basic components of a closed circuit television are:

1. Camera: It is the eye of the device that records. It is either a high resolution camera which covers a big area or a low resolution camera which covers low spaces. Its operation is either wired or wireless; in the wired mode, the camera transmits videos through a cable to the recording device whereas wireless cameras makes no use of cables but occurs in a wireless camera.

2. Recorders: It is of two types, the Digital Video Recorder and the Network Video Recorder. D.V.R is connected to only a single computer system while the N.V.R is not limited to a single computer but a whole network.

3. Monitors: This is the screen which displays the recorded images or videos. There are of various types:

-  CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)

-  LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

-  LED (Light- Emitting Diodes)

4. Coaxial Cable: A coaxial cable or coax or optical cable is made of copper and surrounded by a tabular conducting shield and a tabular insulating layer used to connect the camera to the monitor.

Where can CCTV camera be used?

It can be used in the house, banks, streets, highway, super market, embassy, airport, government establishments, private companies, offices, cinemas, stadia, shops, outlets, plaza, ware houses, petrol stations, modern car parks, modern market to mention a few. It can be used everywhere, anywhere and by everyone. 




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