Prince Irene Oboh is the President of Kessington Ikhianose Enterprises which was established on the 17th of August, 2011 with the following as his vision, mission, values and goals:

Vision Statement: To be a mentor of dynamic leadership, a leading entrepreneur and to be counted amongst the renowned philanthropist.  


Mission Statement: To be a frontier of business development, promoter of education and maintain a network of confidence with our customers all over the globe.  



1. Innovation: The business we invented shall be supported with software, will be beneficial to the public and highly profitable.

2. Initiative: Initiate a means to inform people about our products and services and design a plan of work for expansion.

3. Quality: The quality of goods and service delivery shall be of standard with international recognition.

4. Honesty: To always be truthful and transparent in our dealings at all times.

5. Social Intelligence: Developing an internal characteristic of discerning situations within the environment and predicting the behavior of consumers.



1. Within the next fiscal year, I am going to establish a business that involves the sales of C.C.T.V cameras adopting the principles of partnership with competent personalities in other investments, keeping accounting records to measure its success towards the realization of standard in the quality of business transaction.

2. In a couple of years to come, I shall develop my website by providing an e-library service to provide our members and other users with adequate skills and support to make them meaningful to the society and develop a participation survey to measure its growth and success.  

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