Business management is gradually becoming an apogee in the world of management. As a field of study, it has the highest number of applicants in the faculty even at higher degree levels. This is so because it is humanistic in its approach and can easily be studied by anyone irrespective of your area of specialisation or professionalism.

Business management has produced a lot of authors, researchers, articles, journals and books to broaden our horizon and to apply some of its theories, principles, approach and logical concepts to our day to day work activities.

Business management starts the track of specialization and opens the pathway to development. “The aspiration of business management is the beginning of leadership”. Think about it can you be a good leader if you are not a good manager? The answer to this question and a clearer understanding of business management is found in this site. Our website is not static hence it shall be developed frequently to provide our members and followers with very rich articles and journals in the field of business management as the case may be.

Security risk management is a strategic function of management adopted by leaders in the top level management of every organization. Security risk management as a function of management will enable leaders identify risks and threats, analyze those risks and threats identified and logically assess all the risks and threat identified to assets. Risk bearing is a primary function of an entrepreneur and inclusive in the definition of entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur is able to keep his investments alive because he/she is a risk bearer and as such a potential leader. In essence an entrepreneur must be able to calculate his return on investment, compute his profits and initiate means to value his/her assets. A successful entrepreneur is a qualified leader.



Entrepreneurship is the ability to create wealth by establishing a business and strategizing means to achieve the major goal which is profit.


Security Risk Management

Security risk management is a systematic and technical process adopted by an investment to secure assets through the identification and analysis of risks and threats, valuation of assets and producing better solutions for the survival and growth of the investment.


Leadership is the ability to direct and coordinate the activities of men machines and finance towards achieving the set down goals, aims and objectives of the organisation.

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